Major Sewer Improvement Effort

CIPP Process/FAQs


What hours will the contractor work?

Most cleaning, pipe evaluation, excavation and manhole repair work will occur during the daytime hours. Once the contractor begins the lining process, the work must continue until the lining is in place and cured. This work may extend through the nighttime hours.

The bypass system will be in operation 24-hours per day. When there is no work being performed at night, security officers will patrol the work area.

Will the rehabilitation work affect my property's sewer system?

You should not notice any change to the sewer system of your home of business during the sewer rehabilitation projects. However, the contractor has established special emergency plans to address any situation that might arise.

What kind of traffic impacts should I prepare for?

Most improvements to the sewer pipe will occur underground with little to no impact to the traveling public. However, depending on the location of manholes or placement of the sewer bypass system, motorists should prepare for lane restrictions and or/detours in the immediate work area. Businesses and residents will also notice an increase in heavy construction equipment traffic in the area.

Will my mail delivery or trash pick-up be affected?

The contractor and its team are working with the Post Office and area trash collection services to ensure service is not disrupted during the sewer rehabilitation project. The team will work with residents and/or businesses if trash collection or mail delivery sites need to be adjusted during construction.

Is there noise associated with this work?

Contractors are required by the department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other government agencies to have back up alarms on moving equipment which will be in use during construction. Motors on stationary equipment which will be in operation for extended periods of time, or are near homes, will be equipped with sound enclosures that help reduce the amount of noise. The bypass pumps and other stationary equipment have a decibel (DB) rating of no greater than 70 at a distance of 50 feet. As a comparison, 70 DB is equivalent to a telephone dial tone or a running shower.

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